Website Widgets do Work!

 Widgets are bits of functionality that can be added to any website with one line of code.

Some examples include

– Our Trade Mark search widget

This can be added to any site to let visitors there run their own search results and get indications  of whether a trademark may be available to register or not.

– Fees calculators that give price estimates

Our calculator can be easily added and set up by a firm to give initial fee quotes for such diverse pieces of attorney work as Divorce settlements, Wills, company formation and trade mark registration in different countries.

– Chatbots, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

These can have lifelike conversations, either through text or voice answering common questions on legal issues. Just as Siri does on iPhone, or Echo on Amazon. Our chatbot, Aila, is currently rehearsing her lines and we expect she’ll give a first performance early in the New Year.

– FAQs modules

These sit somewhere between normal static FAQs and chatbots, and bring up standard answers according to search queries, but lack the natural language processing and understanding of (AI)

Widget such as these have several valuable and powerful effects. They serve to start a conversation with prospective clients which is the first set to them becoming actual clients. Providing information in real time personalised to people helps begin to form trust. And in return visitors are more likely to enter contact information that lets a Law Firm continue the conversation and build the relationship.

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