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Four of the strangest trademark cases of all time

  Trademark battles can be complicated, confusing, and sometimes downright bizarre. Here is our look at  four of the strangest cases of all time.   Louis Vuitton Vs Louis Vuiton Dak   This is probably the first time luxury handbags and fried chicken have featured mentioned in the same case. LV decided to sue the fried chicken restaurant located in South Korea, which had named itself ‘Louis Vuiton Dak’, a play on the Korean word ‘Tongdak’ which means ‘whole chicken’. Unfortunately for the owner, he hadn’t done himself any favours by also creating a logo that looked suspiciously similar to the LV logo. In the end, restaurant owner was fined $12,500!   KFC Vs a country club in Yorkshire   Tracy Daly is the owner of a country club in Yorkshire Dales. As part of her Christmas Day menu, she advertised an item called the ‘Family Feast’. The problem was that the same slogan is used by KFC for a decidedly non seasonal meal of fried chicken and chips, plus a fizzy drink. KFC contacte