The UKIPO gets it! Digitisation, APIs Transformation to be best in the world

LawPanel were thrilled to be told that as part of the UKIPOs ambitious transformation and digitisation, their services would be accessible by API. So enabling direct, secure transfer of information from LawPanel to the UKIPO.  Removing any need for paper, online forms or other friction in the process that adds time, cost and risk of error.

Instead workflows on LawPanel for new filings for trademarks, designs and patents, or renewals, change of representative, or IP owner will have the data submitted to the UKIPO instantly at the click of an icon. No copying and pasting into multi page forms for saving as pdfs and sending by email or post.

The news came today from the UKIPOs Andy Bartlett, who’s leading ground up transformation of all UKIPO services and solutions, a far reaching programme that has begun and will run until 2026. With the explicit aim of making the UKIPO the best, most advanced IPO in the world.

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