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How automation can make your lawyer much cheaper

 By definition, automation is the use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work during the production of various products and services. In other words, automating your business means money. But advantages and benefits of artificial intelligence technologies are more comprehensive than just the cost savings that the term automation implies. Automating task-related work enables you to focus on more strategic work, plain and simple. By streamlining repetitive processes to the point where they are almost eliminated, greater efficiency is achieved on repeat jobs and repetitive tasks with minimum risk of errors, along with the already mentioned cost reduction. With it also comes innovation through products and services, like adding new and exciting features to complement the existing service or even creating new products. Some will have to be configured, others carefully monitored for human intervention. Technological change also generate

Chatbots. Will they make a difference to Law Firms?

 Yes. Here’s why we think so. There is a current big wave of progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that Chatbots are riding on. IBM with Watson, Apple with Siri, Microsoft with Luis and Amazon with Echo are all putting considerable resources into the technologies that make a Chatbot process what is typed or spoken to it, process the information to understand the context and intent, and to provide useful information in return (if well setup). Chatbots can work well in law as areas of law have some constraints, so if the Chatbot is programmed to understand say Property Law or Probate, the questions asked and the information to be returned will often be quite closely bounded. And if the question is arcane or esoteric then the Chatbot can simply say its beyond its pay grade and ask for contact details for a knowledgeable attorney to follow up and assist. That simple example of what a Chatbot may not be able to do helps to show their value. They can take in information re