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What is the dark web and why does it matter to IP professionals?

  What is the internet? It sounds like an easy question. After all, we all use it everyday. In fact, most of us spend an appreciable fraction of our lives using it.   But like a lot of the technology modern life depends on, the fact is that few of us can explain how it works. We’ve already discussed some of the many advantages the internet is bringing for trademark professionals , but it also brings new risks, and the dark web is chief among them.   And to understand what the dark web is, we need to take a look at how visiting a website actually works.   From the Net to the Web   We use the terms internet and web interchangeably, but these two words mean two very different things.   The internet is a network of networks. Basically, you can think of the internet as the sum total of all the computers and other devices that connect to one another.   What we call the web is a way of sharing information using this network of networks. Think of it as a set of agreements abou