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IP software and intensity of use

Some firms think that licensing IP software means they have the software and innovation boxes ticked. Not so. What matters is how much the software is used, by how many, and how fully. If the answer is 'not much', it's the wrong solution. With the right one there's plenty of scope to do things more easily, efficiently, and better for clients.  The term 'IP software' covers a wide range of tools and capabilities. Some older systems are stand alone clunky docketing databases. Others run only automated clearance searches. And others, unlike these point solutions, are platforms with a depth and breadth of capabilities. Old clunky docketing databases are a single point solution for tracking deadlines of registered marks and designs. So are often only used by one or two formalities administrators. The intensity of use of this IP software is low when considered against a whole IP team with lawyers and attorneys, as well as clients, associates, and other IP team members