Don’t make me think! User experience improves client retention and satisfaction


Building loyalty amongst clients and users through great online experiences

With Felix, Omar and Gustavo working hard on optimising the experience of our users on LawPanel, its reminded me of the title of Steve Krug’s well known book on Web design Dont make me think.

Of all the many things to be taken in to consideration with user experience (UX) and user interface design (UI) having this idea front of mind is, I think, the most important.

As we look at how we and our users move through the LawPanel applications, we look for pauses in mouse movements by first time users. As an indication of whether there was uncertainty or information that could be better explained. Would changing the flow, or different icons or text be more intuitive, remove friction and take away even the slightest cognitive load? Adjustments are made and split tests run, to compare the experience of users of different versions.

The importance of this came up earlier this week. A client of Trade Mark Direct (a UK online trade mark firm with attorneys delivering services online I co-founded 10 years ago), who had not been satisfied with speed of telephone response on a potential filing, nonetheless rated the overall experience as five star. He said even if return phone call times were not up to his expectations, the ease of use of the online systems were so much better than other firms he would not consider moving.

This was great feedback, and I could even promise improvements once Trade Mark Direct is running fully on LawPanel’s even more advanced platform.

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