Legal revolution

This is a bold statement but one that we at LawPanel are confident to make.

Why so?

Software is eating the world. Mobile devices are eating PCs and laptops.

How people access information and knowledge services is changing fundamentally. As will how law firms deliver their services, by whom and by what, and pricing models.

Before starting LawPanel I founded and ran for 7 years the UK’s leading online trade mark legal service, Most of the software we used was developed by Thomas and his team. So we’ve not just followed the developments in technology and service delivery but used them to make our legal services firm the best at what it does. During this time its become clear, as SciFi novelist William Gibson observed ‘ The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed’.

Already firms like Trade Mark Direct are using complex algorithms (US patented) to automate repetitive tasks such as initial trade mark clearance searches. This not only improves efficiency but opens up new ways of operating and marketing services for firms to win more clients. With a small team we were serving more than 1500 clients a year and filing as many trade marks accounting for about 10% of represented filed applications in the UK.

In a series of irregular blog posts I’m going to be looking at some of these trends and what they mean for small and mid-sized law firms, and their day-to-day activities. And in particular how they build awareness of their services, recruit clients and serve them.

Mark Kingsley-Williams


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