How automation can make your lawyer much cheaper

 By definition, automation is the use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work during the production of various products and services. In other words, automating your business means money. But advantages and benefits of artificial intelligence technologies are more comprehensive than just the cost savings that the term automation implies.

Automating task-related work enables you to focus on more strategic work, plain and simple. By streamlining repetitive processes to the point where they are almost eliminated, greater efficiency is achieved on repeat jobs and repetitive tasks with minimum risk of errors, along with the already mentioned cost reduction. With it also comes innovation through products and services, like adding new and exciting features to complement the existing service or even creating new products. Some will have to be configured, others carefully monitored for human intervention. Technological change also generates additional jobs and services through demand for new technologies and through higher competitiveness.


Specific, not generic results

Even if the economy is only going through a transition at the moment, it is an extremely painful one for many as the lack of vision and quality management hinders progress. The world of customer satisfaction that we live in puts businesses under constant pressure to meet customers’ expectations. A continual stream of generic and general information has turned customers into becoming more self-reliant by doing their own research through social media, Google searches and relying on good old-fashioned recommendations from friends and elsewhere. Covering all channels and areas of these enquiries is essential, otherwise you’re missing out on valuable data about customers’ needs and interests.

Such is LawPanel’s TMScore widget. Well­ suited for tasks that are easily specified, it presents objective criteria for success. Thanks to its intelligent automation system, it can detect and produce vast amounts of information and reveal hidden interests for existing and potential clients. If someone is interested in registering a trademark, automated quotes are sent depending on which classes and territories trademark would be registered, ensuring the client receives specific information relating to its needs.

This means finding all similar queries in mere seconds, ranking and scoring results based on evaluation rules just like attorneys do. In doing so, TMScore targets customers with useful personalised information that will be sufficiently convincing for them to use your service than otherwise. All major marketplaces and social media platforms are covered so it gives an overview about developing needs of your clients, what they’re interested in and interactions they have with you across all your marketing channels, with the possibility of adding new ones.

It can perform these tasks round the clock at a fraction of the cost of a human resource, avoiding manual errors in the process. Like having a consultant at your disposal 24/7.


Possibilities of automation

Bill Gates once said that the first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to any efficient operation will increase its efficiency. While that is certainly true, real advantage with technology lies in brand new things that can be done. Because laws are publicly available, it’s possible to automate some of the simple and time-consuming legal matters human lawyers have had to do for years, even centuries.

What once used to take several minutes to an hour can now be done immediately. Since automation processes are becoming increasingly intelligent, they can adapt to change and become more precise with time and of more use, to the point where human input is required only in specific situations. No more ending up with too many open projects and spreading yourself too thin. Mistakes are reduced or eliminated, allowing to do more with technology, to achieve greater speed and scale of work at a fraction of the previous cost, whilst being available at any given moment.

Intelligent and analytics tools powered by artificial intelligence complement human input in complex work, while digitised algorithms can be copied and delivered to thousands of clients at almost zero cost. Perfectly designed to perform tasks that benefit from consistency, attention and objectivity, that is why intelligent automation will become an essential co­worker for the digital age.

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