Beyond docketing

 Many firms and in-house counsel think of ‘IP software’ and ‘docketing database’ as interchangeable terms. Which is understandable as software tools for IP have only ever kept track of registry deadlines. With some add ons to assist with filing and checking local records in the docketing database against official ones at the registry.

With Covid we’re seeing expectations change significantly. Firms of all sizes want better tools that do more. Not just to support work from home, but to reduce work and improve client service. For the full lifecycle of an IP right. 

From on platform automated clearance searches for trademarks. Online forms for instructing searches and client areas to see results. Through automatic tracking of application status, built in watching and client tools for monitoring and reporting. And so much more.

All of which reduce cognitive load and time, and improve client and user experience.

Contact us now for a test drive.

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